Why PreciseQ


The PreciseQ platform leverages advanced technology and our domain expertise to deliver completely customizable, modern and quickly deployable enterprise practice management and RCM solutions. It’s precisely designed to:

  • Deliver some or the complete suite of PreciseQ modules
  • Customize and add any customer-specific business processes
  • Integrate with virtually any existing system and process: EHR, ERP, Financial systems, Portal, PM systems, to name a few
  • Intelligently automate critical front- and back-office workflows
  • Deliver unprecedented analytics that drive performance within and across your organization

All of PreciseQ’s modules are easy to use and navigate, making staff and patient adoption a breeze. Whether you are looking to digitally transform one area of your ecosystem or need a complete enterprise solution, we will help pave your path to a healthier bottom line and a happier patient journey.

Highly Customizable

Quickly Deployable

Exceptional Value

Machine Learning & AI-enabled

Secure & Compliant

Cutting-edge Technologies

Seamless Integration


Healthcare organizations need more from their technology partners to stay ahead of the curve. The market is continually flooded with new apps and platforms, but few are validated for sustained viability in healthcare’s complex and rapidly changing landscape. Providers can’t afford to underestimate the value of experience and time-tested results.

  • We get the big picture ‒ we’ve been developing healthcare solutions for over 20 years.
  • We bring advanced technology and machine learning from Silicon Valley and tech-forward industries to solve some of healthcare’s biggest operational and patient experience challenges.
  • Our unique core product, coupled with our domain expertise and Agile delivery framework, saves our customers 50% on costs and about a third of the time to deliver their product to market, compared to custom software or buying a traditional off-the-shelf system.
  • We have designed robust out-of-the-box functionality that can be tailored to your exact system needs and branding requirements, deployed in less than three months for basic integration projects, and less than eight months for more complex projects.
  • Every client benefits from a dedicated team, bringing digital transformation know-how from prior roles in healthcare operations, banking, retail, electronics, manufacturing and government.

We are with you every step of the way.


From planning through flawless delivery, our project methodology combines agile (iterative) and waterfall (linear) with best practices from over a hundred project builds to transform your vision into a highly-customizable, quickly-deployable solution. On-time, on-budget, no surprises.

Our PreciseVision workshop quickly aligns our experts with client stakeholders.

We create a comprehensive roadmap that includes the scope of the new product, technology design, beautiful visual mock-ups of key system areas, and full risk analysis.

Your PreciseVision blueprint includes a complete, transparent work plan with exact dates, resources, cost and technologies used.

For each customization cycle (or sprint), we deliver new modules from the roadmap. This is an iterative process where at the end of each sprint, we deliver full, ready-to-use modules so you have full transparency and access to the features completed so far.

After each customization sprint, we review the working product with you, integrate your feedback, and further customize the modules if needed, to ensure the end product is exactly what you envisioned.

Our team is diligent about ensuring sufficient opportunity for client feedback upon each iteration, while staying on schedule and on budget!

When it’s time to bring your product to market, we take care of the heavy lifting for a seamless roll-out, including options for:

  • User acceptance testing support and execution
  • Going live with the product
  • Pre- and post-launch support with rapid response
  • Transitioning the product to support mode

HALF as expensive.

Delivered in ONE THIRD of the time.


Trusted by leading health organizations, including:

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